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Jill Coon Inc Presents: Mobile Apps Versus Mobile Websites and Why You Need A Mobile Website For your Practice Or Business

Do you have a mobile friendly website or an app?  Now is the time to consider having a mobile friendly website for your practice.  Here is an article that I wrote for The Progressive Dentist Magazine explaining the difference between mobile apps and mobile friendly websites and why you should have a mobile friendly website for your practice: ProDentist-Q4-2012_Coon_MobileFriendly_




Why Social Media and Which Sites Should I Use

Throughout the years, I have been a part of various local business networking groups.  The business I have gotten as a result of being a member has been decent but the business I have gotten via the connections I have made through social media has been even better.  With traditional business networking models, you meet people face to face and you get referrals from working with people within the group and then get a handful of referrals from various members in the group.

If you are looking to market your business and promote your brand, being a part of various social media platforms is a must.  Now with numerous social media platforms out there, the amount of people you reach and connect is huge!  It is much larger than traditional networking.

This video will explain the top social sites and their statistics:



Virtually Everything is Possible.

Have you considered hiring a virtual assistant for your practice or business?  Virtual assistants can defintiely simplify your life.  In my article for the Progressive Orthodontist Magazine, I have explained all of the things that virtual assistants can do for your practice: Virtually Everything is Possible




Emotional Strength of Your Brand

I am so excited to share my latest article regarding emotional branding. Emotional branding is very important in marketing and my article clearly explains why!   Click here to read.  Feel free to leave comments!



Have you filled someone’s bucket today?


One of my  favorite children’s book is “Have You Filled Someone’s Bucket Today”  written by Carol McLeod  and illustrated by Dave Messing.  The message is a great message for children and even adults!  Basically, the message is that we all carry imaginary buckets around with us.  It is up to us to fill someone else’s bucket in order for our own buckets to get filled.  Instead of hurting someone’s feelings, try to find something nice to say to that person.  You will make that person feel good and in turn, you will also feel good.


Today, I want to thank my friend, Al Ferretti from Making Mobi for doing a fantastic job with my client’s mobile website.  There is nothing better than receiving a great testimonial from a client or patient.  My client was extremely satisfied and wrote this:  “Wow. The mobi site looks great. I like the facebook and video links. Really cool. Maybe we will get more friend requests.  I like it”.  Al Ferretti filled my client’s bucket by doing a great job and also filled mine as my recommendation made my client happy.   The customer service that Al Ferretti gives is exceptional.


Does your business have a mobile website?  If it doesn’t, now is the time to have one.  Now is the time to have your mobile site positioned on the mobile web and having traffic directed to your mobile site will increase you visibilty on the search engines.  This means more people will find your business and call!  More and more people are accessing the internet with their mobile devices instead of using their desktop or laptop computer.  Regular websites are too difficult to read from our mobile devices and they load real slow on mobile devices.   Some people will try to view your website at a later time from a desktop or laptop but honestly, the likelihood of it happening is slim to none as life gets busy.


Give Al Ferretti a call today at 763-438-1162 to have a mobile website made for your business.  Let him know that Jill Coon referred you.








The Importance of Having a Blog for Your Business

Do you blog?  Do you understand the importance of blogging and the impact your blog has on your business?  To find out why blogs are important, please read the article I published in The Progressive Dentist Magazine earlier this year about the importance of having a blog by clicking here.

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PRESS RELEASE: Jill Coon, Inc Announces a Strategic Affiliation with Health Claims Unlimited, Inc

Jill Coon, Inc announced a strategic affiliation with Health Claims Unlimited, Inc. Jill Coon, Inc. Jill Coon provides social media, brand management and monitoring, virtual assisting, and IT services. The virtual assisting services include dental and medical insurance billing services, insurance verifications, aging insurance follow up, and insurance fee schedule negotiations.  For a list of other virtual assisting services, see  Health Claims Unlimited, Inc provides medical billing and management services using advanced billing PCS software.  By utilizing this software, our medical practices are paid within days not weeks of claims submissions.  Errors in filling are also virtually eliminated with our direct access to the centralized clearing facility which will edit all claims instantly before forwarding to the specific insurance carrier.


The teaming agreement between the two companies will provide for Jill Coon, Inc to offer Health Claims Unlimited, Inc to its client base for medical billing services to medical practices, while Health Claims Unlimited, Inc offers Jill Coon, Inc’s social media, web design, virtual assisting, search engine optimization and IT services to its own client base.


“This is a perfect fit.” says Mark Wilson, founder and CEO of Health Claims Unlimited, Inc. “Our clients need website design and branding, social media marketing and virtual assisting services. That’s where Jill Coon, Inc comes in.  Of course, there’s more to a polished image if you want to grow your brand; it’s all about interacting with people and offering them a reason to connect with you and personalizing that interaction in this world of impersonal connections. That’s where our social media services come into play.”


Both companies see this agreement as an opportunity to streamline operations in their working relationship, while being able to increase service offerings and the caliber of services for their own clients, while sharing cross-marketing opportunities.


About Jill Coon, Inc –
Jill Coon, Inc is a Social Media and Marketing Company based in West Palm Beach, Florida. Their services include online marketing and representation via social media and brand management and web design, virtual assisting services,  IT consulting , and search engine optimization and marketing. Our team strives for perfection and continually stays one step ahead. We are on the cutting edge giving you, our clients the best possibilities to enhance your bottom line. For more information, contact Jill Coon at 561.319.4743 or


About HealthClaims Unlimited Inc.-
Health Claims Unlimited Inc is a professional medical billing and management company based in Little Rock, Arkansas. Their mission is to solve your insurance claim nightmares and practice management problems.  Health Claims Unlimited, Inc.’s work is driven by high standards and strong business ethics. Their services include Medical Billing and collectionsFor more information, contact Health Claims Unlimited Inc at 1-877-HCU-6606 Ext 9547 or



Create A Positive and Memorable Experience in Your Business

When I was a child, my mother always made Christmas such a positive and magical experience for me. I remember coming down the stairs only to find a tunnel I had to crawl through to get to the gifts under the tree. When I reached the bottom of the tunnel, I had to take my train The Mighty Casey, to the tree and then I would see all my toys opened and set up ready to be played with! Another year, mom looked out the window and yelled, “Look, there’s Santa and his reindeers”. When I got to the window, Santa and his reindeers were gone. I had to hurry to bed just so Santa would come to my house! When I awoke the next morning, all the gifts were around the tree and opened and set up like previous years! How much fun and how special the memory!  It was such a positive impact on me that now I am creating that same magical and positive experience for my child.  Santa coming to visit is just one memorable highlight of my daughter’s Christmas this year.

Have you ever been to Disney World or Disney Land? Isn’t the experience there magical? Isn’t most of the people on staff happy and positive?  Everyone is smiling and the experience is a happy one.  Children and adults love Disney because of the rides and the magical experience. Disney’s goal is to create a magical and memorable experience with everything they do.


I have had several websites over the years but have never had such a positive experience as I did with Edrian Thomidis from Tenengo Designs. Edrian is a dynamic lady who sat with me for over an hour to completely understand my business and what I was looking for in my website design. With the information we spoke about, she then proceeded to show me my website design every step of the way before publishing it. Everything was done in a timely manner as promised by both of us. We kept our word to each other. We had such great communication with each other that the experience was like no other. I honestly never had anyone else take the time Edrian did. This created a positive and memorable experience!  I will definitely use her services time and time again.


2012 is literally around the corner. It is time to look at your business and make some changes to create a positive and memorable experience. Think about some things you can do to “wow” your clients or patients to keep them coming back. I believe communication and understanding are a great start!  What are some things you can do??  Please feel free to comment below.


Happy New Year to all!