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Emotional Strength of Your Brand

I am so excited to share my latest article regarding emotional branding. Emotional branding is very important in marketing and my article clearly explains why!   Click here to read.  Feel free to leave comments!



The Importance of Having a Blog for Your Business

Do you blog?  Do you understand the importance of blogging and the impact your blog has on your business?  To find out why blogs are important, please read the article I published in The Progressive Dentist Magazine earlier this year about the importance of having a blog by clicking here.

Written By: Jill Coon

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Making Things Convenient for Your Patients

In January, I read an article in CNN Money about doctors going broke.  It really doesn’t surprise me as most doctors and dentists are not trained to be business men.  They are trained to be great caretakers though.   What really amazes me is that most of them miss out on opportunities that are great for their patients and their practice.  We all know that we want to “wow” our patients!  There are so many ways to do this but I will only be talking about one topic- convenience.


I love my medical doctor.  He makes my experience a good one as he does most things in his office.  He does a chest x-ray, EKG, blood work and a complete examination.  I don’t have to go to Quest Diagnostics to have blood drawn.  I am given my annual prescription for my migraine medicine to be filled at the pharmacy of my choice.  If my blood work is normal, which it always is, he calls me with the results to save me the time of having to go back into his office for another visit.


Yesterday, I went into his office for a sick visit.  This was day two of not feeling well with 104 fever and a head cold.  I couldn’t break the fever or keep my head off my pillow for more than 5 minutes at a time.   When I was there, he took an x-ray of my sinuses and then gave me a prescription to be filled at the pharmacy to help me feel better.


There is one thing his office is lacking.  The prescription he gives me is either phoned in or written for me.  I then have to go to fill my prescription.  Getting the prescription filled at the pharmacy isn’t always a joy.  Publix, Where Shopping Is A Pleasure, ISN’T!  They usually don’t have my complete prescription and I need to come back for the rest of it or I have to wait a few hours until I get it.  This is not good for someone who needs their medications!


Just think, if my doctor was able to prescribe and fill the medication in his office right then and there, how much more convenient it would be for me, especially when I am no feeling well!  He can do this! His practice would be making additional money on the prescription of at least $5-$10 per prescription, rather than the pharmacy making the money.   Wouldn’t this boost his income and keep him from going broke????


Dentists can do the very same thing with some of the prescriptions they prescribe.  Now that arestin is available in a prescription, your patients are given the prescription to fill at the pharmacy under their pharmacy benefit.  Patients will then be given the prescription to bring with them for their appointment or the arestin will be sent to your office to have the arestin placed in sites 4mm or greater.  I like the concept that the arestin is now covered under the pharmacy benefit rather than dental because it makes it easier for patients to have the treatment done with less of a copay for them depending on what their deductible and copay is.  Did you know that dentists can prescribe the arestin and fill the prescription right then and there in the office.  Patients don’t have to go pick up the prescription and you don’t have to wait to do the treatment necessary.  Best of all, your practice can make up to $15 per vial of arestin just by making it more convenient for the patient!  What are you waiting for?



Touch the Lives of Others with Social Media

With the use of social media, you are able to touch the lives of others by what you share.  In this blog, I would like to touch the life of a very special person who teaches my daughter vocal lessons, Fonda Cash.  Fonda Cash has been giving my 7 year old daughter vocal lessons for about 6 months.  When my daughter started with Fonda, she was extremely shy.  My daughter still is shy but Fonda is and has been helping Alyssa gain confidence in herself.  Alyssa actually perfomed live on December 30, 2011.  you can check out her video:

Ever since Alyssa has been taking vocal lessons with Fonda, her voice has actually gotten  much stronger.  Her pitches are amazing for that of a seven year old.  It is extremely important to have proper vocal training to not destroy your voice.  Fonda has Alyssa doing about 45 minutes of vocal exercises daily and has Alyssa practicing her songs that she loves to sing.


Fonda Cash is the daughter of Bobby Cash; a Rockabilly artist signed to King Records in the 1960’s.  After a long successful career in music herself, she is now dedicating my musical talents to teaching others and using her contacts to help them reach their goals
in the music business.


Fonda works with several record labels developing new talent, teach Vocal, Performance
& Song Writing lessons Western Communities of Palm Beach, Florida.


Here is a little bit of what she does:




She helps undiscovered talent become DISCOVERED!  This is her specialty. A true artist must have an image, a great look, incredible stage presence, a fan base, an awesome sound and be able to write songs in order to succeed in today’s music industry.

Fonda teaches all of these things and more.

Pure talent alone isn’t enough to get you to International Stardom.
You must be, live and breathe music 24/7 in order to fulfill your dream.
People who really want to be ROCK, POP or COUNTRY STARS
will have to hard work, be dedicated and have faith.




Learning to breathe properly, control your voice, and sing on pitch with dynamics are key elements to becoming a great vocalist. Combining these skills with a dominating stage presence can turn the most lackluster performer into a marketable act. Fonda teaches you to master all of these skills and set you well on your way to success!

Think of Fonda as your personal “music college”. She teaches her artists how to
become an independent professional music artist making a lot of money doing
what they love most.  Once you’re ready to perform professionally , Fonda will book you at live shows and events.

The first Sunday of every month Fonda hosts a Talent Showcase for my students
called, “Fonda Cash’s Artists Who Rock Show” at a local restaurant/
bar. Her students who are ready to perform live get the opportunity to entertain
a large audience, meet other aspiring musicians, network, form bands, get
experience and exposure at this event. It’s a lot of fun for the students,
their families, friends and fans.




For artists who are more advanced and serious about their music careers, Fonda offer
song writing lessons. Knowing how to play an instrument is not necessary for
writing songs however it is extremely helpful if you can. Fonda can teach you
beginner guitar, how to write lyrics & melodies. If you are interested in
piano lessons I have a piano teacher available who is exceptional!

If you are interested in advanced guitar lessons Fonda recommends CHRIS RISOLA in
Boca Raton, FL.




Once you’re ready to start your music career, Fonda can help you get into a
professional studio at a great rate, teach you how to promote yourself, book
you for gigs and help you build a fan base. Once all that is accomplished Fonda can
present you to record labels.

Contact Fonda directly at 561-308-9406 to schedule your lesson today.

A positive change in your future is only a phone call away!

For more info send an email to

You may also visit for show dates, info on my
artists and more.

Visit for additional information and latest videos on her students!

Check out Fonda’s amazing music video, Goodbye:

Contact Fonda directly at 561-308-9406 to schedule your lesson today.

A positive change in your future is only a phone call away!

For more info send an email to

You may also visit for show dates, info on my
artists and more.

Visit for additional information and latest videos on her students!


Written By: Jill Coon

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The Power of Networking with Social Media vs Traditional Networking

For many years, I have been a part of various business networking groups locally.  The business I have gotten as a result of being a member has been good but the business I have gotten through social media has been even better.  With traditional business networking models, you meet people face to face and you get referrals from working with people within the group and then get a handful of referrals from various members in the group.


If you are looking to market your business and promote your brand, being a part of various social media platforms is a must.  Now with numerous social media platforms out there, the amount of people you reach and connect is huge!  It is much larger than traditional networking.

I have been asked by many of my potential clients why I feel various social media platforms work.  Not only have I been asked why but I am also asked which sites my clients should start with.

The first site I have my client should start with is: Facebook.

As you can see from this picture, Facebook has over 800 million active users and is growing daily.  The average person you connect with has about 130 friends. Just imagine each of their friends seeing everything share and what it can do for your business.

The 2nd social media site I recommend is: Twitter.

News in not breaking, news is tweeted!  Twitter is the new online yellow pages for your business.  You can follow people and make contact with them just by searching for specific words that are tweeted locally or within a certain mile radius from you.  Just imagine the doors that just opened up without having to leave your home or business!

The 3rd site is LinkedIn:

LinkedIn has more professionals on this site.  Professionals are the ones who are more likely to spend money in your business.  This is a great site to promote your business and network with other professionals!

The 4th site I recommend is Google+:

Google + is growing rapidly.  The site is very easy to use.  Pictures and videos are displayed easily.  The site features circles which is a great way to organize your friends and share posts to certain people.

The final site that I recommend is Youtube:

It is important to share videos.  Many people like to see testimonials or how things are done.  You can upload your testimonials and how to videos to Youtube and share the content on all of the above sites linking them to your very own channel!

In conclusion, having a presence on various social media sites is important in growing your business.  The opportunities are endless in promoting your brand.

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How Often Should I Be Doing Blog Posts?

How often should you post new content to your blog? Is there any such thing as posting too often? I get asked these questions on a daily basis. The majority of how often you post to your blog depends on the type of blog you have, the audience of your blog, and the actual content you’re writing.  Is your content high quality?


Think about the topic of your blog. When writing,  are your posts long and wordy?  Posting daily might be a little overwhelming for your audience. However, if your blog has many different sections with unique content in each, it is appropriate to post one or more articles in each category every day.


Posting frequently provides fresh content that the search engines love.  The fresh content encourages the search engines bots to visit your site frequently. At the same time, a blog will allow you to make use of various keywords on your site and go for the long-tail searches. This may lead to a better ranking in the search engine and also increase traffic for your site.


Whatever posting frequency you choose, be sure to be consistent with it.   Post the same day and time each week.  Have high quality content and consistent posting frequently without becoming repetitive.  This allows many readers make a visit to their blog part of their daily routine. They become “regulars” and tend to interact on that site more. This builds community.   Start by committing to once a week postings and gradually increase your frequency if you choose.





The power of socializing and networking.

Two weeks ago, one of our patients came into the office and mentioned she took a part time job at Loft.  I had asked her if they had any cute cardigans.  She told me that the Loft had several different colors and that they were on sale for only $25.  I asked her when she was working again.  I wanted to buy the cardigan from her to give her any commission she would get.  She told me that the employees at Loft do not work on commission.


That Friday night I stopped by the mall after dinner to return something for my daughter and decided to stop in Loft.  I looked around.  The sales person was helpful in finding me the black cardigan that was on sale.  I tried it on and it was too big.  I was a little disappointed.  She then went into the petite department to find a different style cardigan in black that was XXS.  I tried it on. It fit perfect.  I go to the register and pay for the cardigan.  I started a conversation with the sales person by asking her as to when my patient would be working again.  She then asked me how I knew my patient.  I told the sales person that I was her dental hygienist.  Right then and there, the sales person and her manger were asking me questions as to what insurances we work with, what our hours are, and etc.  I answered their questions and I gave them one of my business cards for the dental office.  Monday morning they both called to make appointments in the office!


Tuesday, I received a phone call from my patient thanking me for coming into the Loft and mentioning her name while I was there.  She told me it made her look good because she only works there part time (4 hours a week) and her friends are going in and asking for her and making purchases.  I thanked her for telling me about the cardigans.


Do you see the power of socializing?  Just from my patient and I talking about her part time job, I purchased a cardigan I needed from the store she works in. While at check out, I was socializing with the sales person and her manager and managed to give them each my business card and they both called to make appointments as a result.


With social media, it is important to socialize with and follow people on the internet. Make the connections and encourage your connections to share your brand with their network.  You are  building loyalty which ultimately increases your bottom line.

Written By: Jill Coon

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