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Why Social Media and Which Sites Should I Use

Throughout the years, I have been a part of various local business networking groups.  The business I have gotten as a result of being a member has been decent but the business I have gotten via the connections I have made through social media has been even better.  With traditional business networking models, you meet people face to face and you get referrals from working with people within the group and then get a handful of referrals from various members in the group.

If you are looking to market your business and promote your brand, being a part of various social media platforms is a must.  Now with numerous social media platforms out there, the amount of people you reach and connect is huge!  It is much larger than traditional networking.

This video will explain the top social sites and their statistics:



Is Professionalism Important For Your Brand?

Are you a business owner who expects your employees to be professional?  Are you professional?  I know when we are at work, we always try to be professional in front of our patients and potential clients.  Are you professional after work or online?  Do you care how your patient or other peers see you or the way you behave after hours?  Do you think poor behavior can affect your business or your brand?

Facebook and other social media platforms have allowed us to be more open with our discussions.  Many people see it as having free reign to say and do whatever they feel online.  Many people don’t even relaize how quickly their actions on the social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Youtube, Google+, etc) can affect their livelihood and home life.  It is important when posting to think about consequences of what you are posting or commenting on.

People are becoming less professional and are being received as less professional because of what they write or portray. What surprises me more is that there are people on these social networks who try to represent themselves as good, reputable people and work hard to build a name for their business and themselves, yet these are some of the people who are making fun of another professional or peer in the same industry in a forum amongst other fellow professionals.  Others feed into the conversations and some don’t.

Do you feel a forum is a place for a professional to badmouth another professional or person?  I personally don’t get involved in forums where someone is being badmouthed nor do I recommend any of my friends to take part in any type of negative discussions.   My mother always taught me: “If you have nothing nice to say then say nothing at all”—-let alone put it in writing on a social site!

People who are posting freely may be subject to consequences as a result of their poor behavior.  People are paying heavy prices for their actions.  Think about a more recent event as to what the teacher who wrote a blog about her students and was recently fired.  Ironically, she never named the students or the parents in her blog.  She was fired because she represented the school and the school frowned upon her writing.

It is quite obvious that poor behavior most certainly can affect your brand.  It certainly can affect your brand in person and online!  Why do you think employers want your username and passwords to your social accounts?   I personally would NEVER refer to individuals that own their own business who speak negatively online about others in their industry. If I would not air out dirty laundry on Facebook or any other social media site either.