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Services That Dental Virtual Assistants Offer

Verifying dental insurance and following up on claims can take your staff member quite a bit of time on the phone.  Having knowledge about your patients insurance is key for accurate billing and collections.  In order to verify the insurance for your patient, a good insurance verification sheet is very important to use.  Here is one we use for all of our clients:  Insurance Breakdown Sheet 


Did you know that you can hire a dental virtual assistant to spend the time on the phone for you so that you can have your staff members attend to patients and other necessary things needed?


Here is a list of services offered by Jill Coon Inc to free your staff from time on the phone:


•Aging insurance/follow up with outstanding claims over 30 days old

•Appointment confirmations and scheduling (answering phones)

•Accounts receivables/ Collections (debt collection software)

•Comprehensive insurance verifications and breakdowns (in and out of network)

•Fee negotiations with insurance companies for highest reimbursement

•Dental Insurance billing, filing and submissions


•Recalls (patients overdue for follow-up or treatment)

•Social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Pinterest and Google+)

•Blogs and newsletters

•Email management


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Written By: Jill Coon

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    Lee B. says: 23/10/12 at 5:40 pm

    Jill – This service is great! You will be able to help a office grow. The great thing about a service like this is you are on the office team and not on the payroll. Keep up the good work.


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      Jill Coon says: 23/10/12 at 5:55 pm

      Thanks Lee! I do agree that these services will help offices grow. We love helping offices nationwide and have helped to make a huge difference in the practices we work with. Their offices are more profitable and are running more efficiently as a result!

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    Nomi Waters says: 23/10/12 at 7:09 pm

    Verifying insurance plans sure does take up a lot of time on the phone for our office, it’s great that we have experienced outside help from a real professional who has the skills and experience to get the job done! Thanks Jill, for all you do!

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      Jill Coon says: 23/10/12 at 7:24 pm

      Aweee, Thanks Nomi. It is always my pleasure to help others succeed!

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    Livvie Matthews says: 04/11/12 at 11:08 pm

    Jill offering virtual services is a win in for all concerned. Using virtual assistants allow the office front desk people more time for doing face to face resesponsibilityes such as treatment and financial arrangements, more one on one with the patients without having to spend so much time on the phone with time sucking insurance companies, weekly statements, collections, and other responsibilities that require so much time! Great post!




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